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Ladera Gem Jubilee

Gold with abundant white
D.O.B 03/12/2022

ADGA Linear Appraisals


Kids Retained

DHI Results

2024: 1 year, 11 months
108 DIM:  237# milk
                      17# butterfat 7.2%
                      10# protein 4.2%

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Sire:  Sinai Thunder D Raphael

Sire's Sire: Sinai Thunder O Dauntless *B *S VEE88, 90.6Ex

Sire's Dam: Sinai Thunder Bella Riscatta 2*M 2*DAR EEEV90

Dam:  Sinai Thunder Joy Unspeakable

Dam's Sire: Sinai Thunder ASH Hyssop Dip +*B +*S EEV 90

Dam's Dam: SG Sinai Thunder Maple Joy 8*M 8*D VEVV 89 EX 90.4

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