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Taylor'd Acres


  Monterey, TN established 2020


Please call, text, or reach out to us on Facebook to set up an appointment before viewing/picking up goats


Welcome to Taylor'd Acres!
Our farm is located in middle Tennessee, conveniently between Nashville and Knoxville. We started our herd of Nigerian Drawf goats in 2020, with 2 does and 2 bucks. We currently have 29 does and 4 bucks as of 2023, excluding wethers.  We have tested our herd annually since 2020 and all goats have tested negative for CAE and Johne’s. We have never had a positive case from our herd, nor have we brought any exposed goats to our farm. This includes CL abscesses. Our most recent test was February 2023, and as expected, everyone presented negative. 

I always keep my testing records here on the farm available for you to see before finalizing the purchase of your new goat. However, I do not share the actual printed results with prospective buyers. This is simply to prevent others from using our records to say that new goats they've purchased are clean and therefore their herd is, by association. Proving your herd's clean status is up to you. You are welcome to see the copies of everything here in person, but no file-sharing or images are permitted. I hope you understand.

Our herd is currently registered through ADGA. We will be performing Linear Appraisals, DHI tests, and other record-keeping strictly through ADGA. Our herd is also dual registered with AGS, and we will hopefully be using them for Classifications, DHI, and the other services they offer in addition to ADGA in the near future. We will also be enrolling with ANDDA for milk records. When that happens, everything here and on Facebook will be updated to show both ADGA and AGS, as well as any stats from ANDDA. 

We are striving to produce top-quality goats, and will continually prove everyone out to the best of our abilities. Our end goal is to have a herd that excels both in the show ring and the milk pail.


Prices for young bucklings range from $300 to $700; based on dam and sire lineages, performance stats, etc.  Lower prices may be available on some young bucks only if sold without papers or as bottle baby wethers. 
Prices for doelings range from $500 to $2000; based on dam and sire.

Please see the breeding schedule, and prices will be shown under each specific pairing. 

We also have a guideline chart for pricing, under the Available Goats page to help!

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As of 2022, we are enrolled in DHIR testing, Linear Appraisals (if available in our area), and we will be participating in whatever shows we can get to!

We will be continually updating this website to include all of our herd, their stats, and all relevant information. Our herd is tested annually for CAE and Johne's, and is negative. 

does standing on the hill
does sunbathing
Bugs, Winifred, and Lorelei
Lorelei and Bugs
249346492_465468024825707_7232330527126687794_n - Copy.jpg
Shamrock and McDreamy
292454381_580796467083281_3296948260965568311_n - Copy.jpg
293956921_434951645218199_2919198416864639523_n - Copy.jpg
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