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Available Goats

Senior Does


DOB: 02/21/2021

Black with white, blue eyes

2021 Show Season:  Intermediate Kid

           2 x 2nd Place in Class

Sire:  Sinai Thunder D Michelangelo *B *S

Sire's Sire:  Sinai Thunder O Dauntless *B *S VEE 88 VG+                       89.9

Sire's Dam:  SG Sinai Thunder Bella Riscatta 2*M 2*D EEEV 90 *ADGA Elite* *ADGA Top Ten* *AGS Top Ten*

Dam:  The Last Resort Cosmic Nova 1*M

Dam's Sire:  Cedar View Illuminato +VV 85

Dam's Dam:  The Honeysuckle Rosefarm Pixie

*Currently CIDR'D and will be bred to Last Resort C Clear The Way *B for November 2024 freshening*


None Available at this Time

Yearling Does


Taylor'd Acres MB Cricket

DOB: 08/12/2023

Chocolate with roaning, frosted ears,white poll, with minimal white, brown eyes

Sire:  Last Resort OT Mojito

Sire's Sire:  Sinai Thunder MAC Open For Joy *B

Sire's Dam:  HiNote IS Rikkie Tikkie 9*M 9*D VG87.3

Dam:  Last Resort U Shutterbug

Dam's Sire: Cedar View Uberto *B

Dam's Dam:  Budderballs Fuji 2*M



Taylor'd Acres CW Echo

DOB: 04/12/2024

Gold with blue eyes

Sire:  Last Resort C Clear The Way *B

Sire's Sire:  Udderly Topnotch EN Confetti *B

Sire's Dam: Primrose Hill U Celandine 1*M 1*D +EE+ 86 VG+ 89.4

Dam: Cedar View Lorelei

Dam's Sire: Cedar View Nottingham *B

Dam's Dam:  Cedar View Rosalia 6*M




Taylor'd Acres C MoonfulIntent

DOB: 02/02/2024

Chocolate with extensive white

Sire:  Last Resort SA Capricornus *B

Sire's Sire:  Primrose Hill U Shk'Me AllNite *B*S EX 90.2 (ADGA Elite Sire)

Sire's Dam:  Last Resort Astrea 3*M G+ 84.1

Dam:  HiNote IS Rikkie Tikkie 9*M VG 87.3

Dam's Sire: Sinai Thunder AD Isaac *B

Dam's Dam:  Jobi Raffle 8*M 8*D AAVV 82 (ADGA Elite Doe)



None Available at this Time


None Available at this Time

My sale policy is pretty straightforward. (Apart from my right to change my mind regarding the sale of a specific goat PRIOR to any final sales or deposits. Which is why we require a deposit; it ensures that I can't change my mind!) If you want to buy a goat that I have for sale, we'll work out the details to get you said goat. Below are the basics of my "sales contract" that you are expected to read through AND agree to before you purchase a goat from me. Please note that in regards to reservations for kids, preference will be given to herds enrolled in performance programs. This is simply because we want to see our goats go far! Listed in this contract are also TA's reservation policy, wether policy, and discount/rebate programs. 


Taylor’d Acres (hereafter referenced as “Seller”), is making the goat(s) referenced for sale available to (Buyer) on a “where is, as is” basis, and other than guaranteeing Buyer that said goat(s) are in good health, are free of injury or disease at the date of sale, and that will continue if provided with the proper care, environment, and nutrition, Seller makes no other guarantees or warranties, either expressed or implied.  Seller will feed, house, and provide basic needs for goat(s) including but not limited to deworming, vaccinations, disbudding, hoof trims, etc. until the agreed-upon date for pickup. Seller will give possession of goat(s) to the Buyer on the date agreed upon after payment is received in full.

The buyer is to make a deposit of half down by either PayPal or cash (including the 3% fee if using PayPal). Deposits are expected in the amount of half the price of the goat and no less, and MUST be paid in full in order to hold the goat(s).

The remaining balance of the goat's price is due as CASH at the time of Pickup from Taylor’d Acres. Adequate transportation should be provided when arriving for pickup. All kid(s) purchased must be picked up by weaning age. Taylor'd Acres weans at 8 weeks old, with the occasional exception of doelings at 12 weeks old if specified. If the kid can not be picked up by weaning age (8 weeks unless specified otherwise by TA), a boarding rate of $2 per day will be added to the remaining price of the kid due at pickup. Anything past weaning age must first be approved by Taylor'd Acres, with an agreed upon pickup date in writing. If the kid is not picked up by the agreed upon date, or the boarding fee is not paid in full with the remaining balance, Taylor'd Acres will re-list the kid for sale, and all monies paid will be lost. Should Taylor'd Acres decide that a kid needs to stay longer for health or any other concerns, no additional fees or boarding rates will be charged to the buyer. 

If an adult or older kid is being purchased, a non-refundable half down deposit must be made in order to hold the goat. The remaining balance will be due upon pickup. Once a deposit is received, the buyer has 2 weeks to make any pickup arrangements. Should the goat need to stay past two weeks, the boarding rate listed above of $2 per day will be applied. All reserved goats must be picked up on the agreed upon date within the 2 week timeframe unless other arrangements have been made and approved by Taylor'd Acres. Should the goat not be picked up within one week of the agreed upon pickup date, Taylor'd Acres reserves the right to sell the goat to the next buyer in line, and all monies paid toward deposit or boarding fees will be lost. 

Starting in 2023, the registration policy for Taylor'd Acres has changed. As such, all registerable kids will be registered the day they are picked up and paid in full. Taylor'd Acres will choose the registered name unless stated otherwise, and the registration application will be done online; immediately transferring the kid to the new owner. As such, the fee(s) will appear in the buyer's ADGA cart upon completion, and the kid(s) will not be registered until the fee is paid for buy the buyer. This just helps with any transfer delays that ADGA has and puts kids directly in our buyers' names without a wait (ideally).  Taylor'd acres unfortunately does not guarantee this will always work flawlessly, but this shall hopefully allow a faster return time with registrations and hopefully less delays and issues. 

Beginning in 2023, all buckling sales going forward will be limited. All bucklings born will have to earn their dangles, so it is likely that the majority of bucklings will be sold as unregistered wethers (bottle babies or weaned) with the exception of bucklings from our best does. We want future sires coming from us to add to their future herds and pass along great traits! So, depending on dam's structure, udder, records on milk test, and same for our sires and their dams, will determine who gets to earn and keep their "dangly packages". We have two different reservation/purchase options for wethers:

1. Bottle baby wethers must be picked up by 2 weeks of age. If the buyer does not have kids of a similar age already, Taylor'd Acres requires that 2 be purchased together for companionship. Bottle baby wethers will be sold for $175 each. If 2 or more are being purchased together, they will be sold for $150 each.

2. Weaned age wethers must be picked up at 8 weeks of age, with no exceptions unless otherwise stated. Weaned wethers will be $225, or $200 a piece of picking up 2 or more together. 

***Please note that all baby wethers will be intact upon leaving Taylor'd Acres because we strongly believe in letting them grow until 12-16 weeks before castration to allow the urethra to properly develop. We are more than happy to offer the burdizzo castration method if buyers wish to bring their kids back to us after 12 weeks of age at no additional charge.***

Listed below the remaining policy contract and pricing guidelines is our discount and rebate program. All buyers of Taylor'd Acres bred goats (that carry the TA herd name) qualify for both the rebate program and discount program. Please look at that to see the qualifications.

The buyer is expected to provide adequate food, shelter, fresh water, and companionship for goat(s) at all times. ALL GOAT SALES ARE FINAL.  Since we have no control over how a goat is managed or what s/he may encounter after leaving our possession, it will be understood that upon the goat(s) leaving our property, all liabilities and responsibilities for the goat(s) immediately transfer to the buyer. 

Buyer is expected to provide payment for Veterinary Health Certificate (optional for Buyer, but required by law for interstate travel), and cover the cost for vet, gas, and exam/testing.


Deposits are required to hold kids born at Taylor’d Acres. Deposits are generally half the price specified and are NON-REFUNDABLE. If the Buyer backs out of the purchase or does not pick up the goat(s) on the arranged date without making other arrangements, the goat(s) will be re-listed for sale and payment will not be refunded. If the goat(s) become ill or in the tragic event, dies before leaving Taylor’d Acres, the Buyer’s deposit and any money paid may be transferred to another animal. If no goats are available for purchase at that time, the Buyer will be placed on a waiting list for the next kidding.

Pricing on goats is non-negotiable. Taylor’d Acres does not offer deals when multiple goats are purchased at the same time, unless otherwise specified in a sale ad. Exceptions are made for ADGA members who participate in performance programs such as LA, DHI, or showing. Please see the chart below for discounts offered. 
All goats purchased from Taylor’d Acres will be available at weaning, unless specified as a bottle baby for other reasons. Taylor’d Acres’ does are utd on CDT, copper bolus, regular fecal checks, and are tested yearly for diseases (all test negative). Kid pricing will vary depending on quality or traits. A kid who has a dam with milk stars and proven lineage will be more expensive than an unproven line. All kids born at Taylor’d Acres will begin coccidia prevention at 3 weeks old, and CDT vaccines beginning at 4 weeks old. Kids will remain on coccidia prevention until weaning, and will receive 2 doses of the CDT vaccine. Should the Buyer purchase kid(s) before this is done, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure it is done on time. Tattooing, disbudding, and deworming will be done as needed before weaning. In the case of disbudding, if the Buyer puts a deposit down before the time of disbudding, Taylor’s Acres will give the Buyer the option on Buyer’s preference. Otherwise, all kids will be disbudded. Taylor’d Acres keeps a closed, clean herd with strict biosecurity. Taylor’d Acres feeds a good quality grass mix hay, alfalfa, free choice loose minerals, and a mixed grain to the herd. All animals at Taylor’d Acres are disease-free and healthy, and will leave with the Buyer in such condition. The health of the animal is NOT Taylor’d Acres’ responsibility once it has left the farm. Returns are NOT permitted due to biosecurity reasons for the health and safety of our herd. This is simply because we can
't be sure what the goat has been exposed to once leaving our farm (i.e. diseases, internal and external parasites).

As much as we wish we could, we unfortunately can't guarantee everyone will like or get along with goats purchased from us. We can't guarantee how much milk a doe will produce, only the does that live here and are on DHIR. We can't guarantee that a doeling or buckling will grow up to be a show-quality goat; it's just not possible.  That being said, we can't guarantee the future height of a goat born here, whether they go under or over height. We also can't guarantee that scurs will not grow (small horn growths after disbudding) or the future health of any goat purchased from us.

If a doe is purchased already bred, a service memo will be done immediately. It is understood by everyone involved that a goat is presumed bred, even with an ultrasound. There is no guarantee of carrying to term or live birth kid(s).

If a doeling or buckling winds up inheriting a genetic issue that Taylor'd Acres did not immediately notice or catch before they leave our care; after an official diagnosis performed by a licensed veterinarian to confirm the exact issue, either a replacement goat or a credit towards a future goat from a different pairing may be offered by Taylor'd Acres. We are always more than happy to support our buyers, and will work with you to determine any issues and work together toward a resolution that leaves everyone happy!

We understand that some of this may seem overwhelming. But, these policies protect Taylor'd Acres as breeders and sellers, they protect our buyers, and most importantly: they protect the goats. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our policies or requirements, please reach out and contact us! We love to talk about goats, and we love anyone who loves goats; whether you are a potential or repeat buyer!

PLEASE be sure to read and understand that BUYER is agreeing to all of the policies and conditions above when making a deposit. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.  Deposits or payments via PayPal should include the 3% fee. If not, it will be expected at the time of pickup, and goat(s) will not be released to the buyer until paid in full.

This is the guideline reference for Taylor'd Acres kid pricing, based on accomplishments of the kids' Dam, Sire, and Sire's Dam. Occasionally, individual pricing may vary from this chart depending on other factors. 

   Base Price                                                                                                                     $400
  *M/*D (DHIR)                                                                                                              +$50
  Advanced Registry (AR)                                                                                               +$50
  800-899 lbs milk                                                                                                           +$25
  1,000-1,249 lbs milk                                                                                                       +$50
  1,250+ lbs milk                                                                                                              +$100
  National Top 10 Milker                                                                                                +$100
  Breed Leader (#1 Doe)                                                                                                  +$100
  LA Mammary 'E'                                                                                                          +$50
   Final LA Score 90+                                                                                                     +$100
  Superior Genetics                                                                                                       +$75
  ADGA Elite Doe Award                                                                                             +$75
   Restricted Champion Leg                                                                                          +$50
  Official Champion Leg                                                                                               +$100
  Finished Champion                                                                                                    +$250


Dam's Record                                  Price

Sire/Sire's Dam Record                                       Price

Superior Genetics for Sire                                                                                                             +$75
ADGA Elite Award for Sire                                                                                                          +$100
Final LA Score 90+ for Sire                                                                                                           +$50
Finished Champion for Sire                                                                                                          +$75
Sire Earned +B                                                                                                                                +$50
Sire Earned ++B                                                                                                                              +$50
Superior Genetics for Sire's Dam                                                                                                  +$75
ADGA Elite Award for Sire's Dam                                                                                               +$50
Final LA Score 90+ for Sire's Dam                                                                                                 +$50
Finished Champion for Sire's Dam                                                                                                +$50
1,000+ lb milk for Sire's Dam                                                                                                          +$50
National Top 10 Milker for Sire's Dam                                                                                          +$100



                                                             ***PLEASE NOTE***
In order to be eligible to receive these discounts/rebates, the buyer must show proof of participation in EACH program for the corresponding discount/rebate. Rebates will be written up and a copy sent to the buyer upon proof of the options listed below. 

DHI                                                                                                                                                $25
Linear Appraisal                                                                                                                            $25
Shows                                                                                                                                             $25
(If a buyer participates in all three programs and provides proof of participation, it will equal up to $75 off each goat!)


Earn a Milk Star With a TA Doe                                                                                                $30
LA a TA Doe or Buck                                                                                                                  $30
Earn a Champion Leg with a TA Doe or Buck                                                                          $30
(Should a buyer earn all three legs, a milk star, AND receive an LA with a TA goat, it will equal a $150 credit with Taylor'd Acres!)

Wether Policy:
Bottle baby if picked up before two weeks of age                                                                        $175       (two must be purchased together if there are none at new home of similar age)
Weaned Wether (8+weeks old)                                                                                                      $225
(If two or more weaned wethers are purchased together, price is a piece)                                $200


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