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Last Resort SA Capricornus


Last Resort Shamrock *B


Last Resort C Clear The Way*B


Reference Bucks


Sire: Last Resort Tiberius

         Sire's Sire: Little Tots Estate Chioke

         Sire's Dam: Cedar View Tullia 3*M 

Dam: Last Resort Terra

         Dam's Sire: Rolling Meadows Jokes On You *B

         Dam's Dam: The Last Resort Cosmic Nova 1*M


Sire: Sinai Thunder MAC Open For Joy *B *S +++ 81 VG 88.8

         Sire's Sire: Sinai Thunder EX Maccabees *B *S

         Sire's Dam: SG Sinai Thunder O Maple Joy 8*M 8*D 90.3Ex, VEVV89 ADGA Elite Doe, ADGA Top 10 & Breed Leader for Butterfat

Dam: HiNote IS Rikkie Tikkie 9*M 9*D VG 87.3

         Dam's Sire: Sinai Thunder AD Isaac *B

         Dam's Dam: Jobi Raffle 8*M 8*D AAVV 82 *ADGA Elite Doe*


Sire: Last Resort OT Mojito

         Sire's Sire: Sinai Thunder MAC Open For Joy *B *S +++81 VG 88.8

         Sire's Dam: HiNote IS Rikkie Tikkie 9*M 9*D VG 87.3

Dam: Last Resort SheDaresTheDevil

         Dam's Sire: M&M Acres Bubba Gump

         Dam's Dam: Last Resort Bellatrax 3*M 1*D VEEV 89

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