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Breeding Schedule

Click on one of the breeding dates below to see who is on that breeding schedule. 
If you'd like to view individual information including pedigree, ADGA Linear Appraisal history, show wins, DHI results, and progeny, simply click on the doe or buck's name and you will be redirected to their personal page.
If you are interested in a specific pairing, or wish to be request a reservation to be added to a waiting list for a kid, please contact us. Reservations are always free and do not require a deposit. Reservations are contacted in the order they were received for choice of kid(s). Should there not be any kids available by the time your name is gotten to on the list, you may choose to remain on the waiting list for the next breeding as next in line, or choose from another pairing. 
Please also note, Taylor'd Acres reserves the right to retain ANY kids born from our pairings. We will contact names from the reservation list AFTER we have decided if/how many we are retaining from each pairing as the kids are born. Thanks for understanding!


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