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Last Resort SheDaresTheDevil +V++ 82

D.O.B 05/01/2020


ADGA Linear Appraisals  2022:  2YO 1F:  +V++ 82

Show Results


2020:  No Shows

2021:  Dry Yearling

1 x Grand Champion

1 x 1st 

DHI Results

2022: 1 year 11 months 1stFF

268 DIM: 592# milk

                  38# butterfat 6.4%

                  29# protein 4.9%

2024: 3 years, 10 months

109 DIM: 376# milk

                 25# butterfat 6.6%

                 15# protein 4%

Kids Retained

Taylor'd Acres M DareToBDapper

Taylor'd Acres S LuckBeALady


Sire: M&M Acres Bubba Gump

         Sire's Sire: Prairie Wood Special Blend

         Sire's Dam: Parrish Farms API Dream Girl 1*M AR

Dam:  Last Resort Bellatrax 3*M 1*D VEEV 89

           Dam's Sire: Parrish Farms PSAS Zion +*B +*S +A+ 80

           Dam's Dam: Last Resort Myrtle Beach 2*M AR

3 Generation Photo Pedigree

bubba gump.webp

M&M Acres Bubba Gump

special blend.webp

Prairie Wood Special Blend

dream girl.webp
Parrish Farms API Dream Girl Udder Side .webp
Parrish Farms API Dream Girl Udder.webp

Parrish Farms API Dream Girl 1*M AR


 Last Resort Bellatrax 3*M


*photos of udder and lineage courtesy of Last Resort Ranch*

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