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HiNote IS Rikkie Tikkie 9*M  9*D    VG 87.3

Buckskin with random white, blue eyes
D.O.B 02/24/2018

2020 ANDDA Silver JuJu Award Winner

ADGA Linear Appraisals

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2019: Yearling Milker
1 x 1st Place in Class
1 x Reserve Champion
(info provided via Last Resort Ranch)

2021: Three Year-old Milker
4 x 2nd Place in Class
1 x 3rd Place in Class
(Info provided via Last Resort Ranch)

DHI Results

2019: 1 year, 1 month
253 DIM:  490# milk
                      45# butterfat 9.2%
                      25# protein 5.1%
2020: 2 years
264 DIM:  563# milk
                     55# butterfat 9.8%
                     20# protein 3.6%

2021: 2 years, 11 months
252 DIM:  452# milk
                     21# butterfat 4.6%
                     20# protein 4.4%
2022: 3 years, 11 months
88 DIM:   243# milk
                  11# butterfat 4.5%
                   9# protein 3.7%
(Info from 2019-2021 provided via Last Resort Ranch)
2024: 5 years
109 DIM:   299# milk
                   19# butterfat 6.5%
                   13# protein 4.1%

Kids Retained


Last Resort OT Mai Tai

Taylor'd Acres ST Whiski Tiki

Taylor'd Acres C StarryNight

Sire: Sinai Thunder AD Isaac *B

         Sire's Sire: Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei ++*B           +*S

         Sire's Dam:Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity           2*M 2*D AR VEEE 90 *ADGA Elite Doe,                 ADGA Top Ten Doe*

Dam:  Jobi Raffle 8*M 8*D AAVV 82 *ADGA Elite             Doe*

           Dam's Sire: Jobi Ace *B *S

           Dam's Dam: SG Jobi Amell 7*M 7*D AR                   VEEA 83

3 Generation Photo Pedigree


Sinai Thunder AD Isaac

Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei.webp

Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei

Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity.webp
Sinai Thunder ASH Serendipity Udder.webp

Sinai Thunder ASH Serendity

tikkiedamJobi Raffle 2.webp

Jobi Raffle

Jobi Raffle Udder Side.webp
Jobi Raffle Udder.webp

*photos of udder and lineage courtesy of Last Resort Ranch*

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